Diamond and Silk visit 'San Franshitsco' for 'Dummycrats' movie

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Diamond and Silk visited San Francisco this week to see the poop problem for themselves in Nancy Pelosi's city.

In short, it was as bad -- or worse -- than what has been reported.

In the Tenderloin neighborhood, poop was everywhere. Every block, every street, every sidewalk.

Piles, fresh from the night, waited to be hosed off by highly-compensated public employees, or worse, stepped on by unsuspecting commuters, hurrying to work to pay the taxes to pay someone to clean the street.

There was even fly-infested feces at the base of the San Francisco Federal Building -- the location of Pelosi's district office.

Security prevented us from entering the building with cameras, as we didn't have approval from the House Speaker-wannabe to ask questions about the piles of human excrement littering her district.

Why would she want to talk about that when there are illegal aliens to be defended?

But plenty of locals approached Diamond and Silk to talk about the growing problem. So did talk radio host Michael Savage. See "Dummycrats" this October to hear their reactions.

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