Hey Y'all,  

While President Trump is doing a good job of draining the swamp, we will be exposing the swamp.  We can’t rely on the mainstream media to tell the truth about Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders and all the other Dummycrats that wants to see this country fail, so we have to do it ourselves. 

We already visited Los Angeles, California and spoke with constituents of Maxine Waters. Just wait till you see what happened during our surprise visit to her office and neighborhood?
Now we are on our way to DC and the border to demand answers and expose what the mainstream media doesn’t want Americans to know.  So stop what you are doing and make a CONTRIBUTION today.

We're not relying on Hollywood funding that will censor what we're saying, we're counting on you. 

Every single dollar you contribute (minus GoFundMe fees) will go toward exposing the truth and hypocrisy from the left.  Unscripted, No Sugar Coating, and absolutely No Political Correctness.  Make a Contribution today and help us reach our goal.


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